Binghamton University Alumni Global Day of Service Benefits El Primer Paso


On Friday, April 28, Juan and Kathy Casiano, alumni of Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York, organized a group of volunteers to spruce up the grounds of El Primer Paso as part of BU’s Alumni Global Day of Service. The volunteers included other alumni of Binghamton University, students from our ESL classes, and friends of El Primer Paso. The volunteers spent the day weeding, planting, and mulching garden beds, trimming overhanging trees, raking and bagging leaves, collecting garbage, and cleaning the Environmental Center. The grounds of both 27 and 29 Segur Street were transformed. Many thanks to all of our hardworking volunteers including:

Juan Casiano, Kathy Casiano, Michael Quataert, Robert Negron, Lydia Silva, Freddy Sanchez, Carlos Rivera, Floriberta Sandoval, Cruz Lopez, Fredy Carrasco, David Mancebo, Loly Salas, Nohra Homez, Joseph Zephyr, Maria Romualdo, Esteban Flores, and Gladys Fuentes.

Pictured are from left to right: Fredy Carrasco, Nohra Homez, David Mancebo, Gladys Fuentes, Loly Salas, and Kathy Casiano



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