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Help a tot and get some tops!

Make a donation to our preschool and get some tops as a thank-you.

Our non-profit preschool serves children by providing high-quality education and wraparound care to enable both parents to work.  Because these are working class families, tuition is means-tested and subsidized partly through contributions which represent a significant part of our operating budget. 


When you make an online tax-deductible contribution directly to the school, you will receive as a thank-you a spinning wooden top made and donated by one of our volunteers.  100% of the contribution goes to the daily operation of our preschool.


To participate, fill out the form below and click on “Donate”.  You can then chose between “Donate with PayPal” and “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card”


Every top is unique and ranges in size from 1” to 1-3/4”. As with any small object, these are not suitable for children for whom they may represent a choking hazard.


Suggested minimum donation:


$11 – 1 top

$22 – 2 tops

$33 – 3 tops

$44 – 4 tops

If you want more than 4 tops, when you are in “Write a note”, indicate the number you want and donate an additional $10 for each extra top.  Please bear in mind, these are minimum suggested donations.  Every dollar that you donate to our school is very important.  We would not exist without your help.


On behalf of the children, thank you.

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