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Our Supporters


The following is a list of all the agencies, organizations, and funding partners that are currently providing support to El Primer Paso. We encourage you to visit their web sites to learn more.

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Grant-in-Aid funding supports preschool, aftercare and adult ESL programs

Preschool Adv.logo_07-27-17.jpg

Provides private scholarships for students from needy families


Supports high-quality preschool, family engagement and community partnerships


Grow NJ Kids is the state of New Jersey's voluntary quality rating program.  It provides technical assistance and professional development.


Support for Preschool Programing, Wraparound Care, Family Engagement, Parent Education, and Staff development

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Supports staff development and programming for children with special needs

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Program support for children and families


Support for students and families

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Supports preschool initiative and teacher training


Financial assistance for childcare for needy families

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Supports community service partnerships

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Grants for training, and materials in the area of physical activity and nutrition

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Provides reimbursement for nutritious meals and snacks through the Child and Adult Care Food Program

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Preschool mental health and family support services

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Donates needed supplies for preschool program

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